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One of UandI Care’s key mission statements is to ‘promote a person’s ability and not their disability’, in order to achieve this U&I Care have an ethos of person centred planning and continued development. Our aim for all our clients is to lead a life that is as independent as possible, with the hope that those currently in residential care will make a future transition into supported living services. Through our initial assessment process, we often identify that a potential client is able to live in a more independent setting than a residential care home and for these individuals U&I Care are able to offer a fully flexible outreach service to support people into their own homes.  

UandI Care offers supported living in Warrington service which available to individuals of all ages with a range of additional needs, learning difficulties, mental health problems and/or with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These services can also be available through personal budgets and direct payment schemes.

Supported living in Warrington or outreach care can be provided in the comfort of your own home or locations where you would like the support to take place, e.g. in private accommodation or in another agreed; placement, day centre, school, college, or work placement. If the individual is looking for their own tenancy, UandI Care will assist with the service users, and their families, in identifying the most appropriate accommodation dependent on their choice and needs.

Staff will ensure that they support the service user’s choice of hobbies and interests. UandI Care staff promote and encourage clients to take part in community activities, whilst providing entertainment this also contributes to positive integration of clients.

Based on the individual’s needs, care could range from providing verbal or visual prompts, assistance without regulated activities, shopping or domestic duties, washing, dressing, and shaving to complete personal care. All of which will be carried out with respect and dignity at all times, with the primary aim of promoting independence.

U and I Care Can Help You With…

  • Communicating your needs/choices
  • Looking after yourself
  • Shopping and cooking
  • Keeping safe
  • Money management and finance control
  • Cleaning and tidying your home
  • Keeping to healthcare appointments
  • Organising personal tenancy agreements
  • Making new friends
  • Travelling safely around your local community
  • Enrolling and attending college
  • Finding and exploring new activities that you are good at
  • Help to find you work as a volunteer or finding a job
  • Staying in touch with your friends and family
  • Using community based facilities and activities
  • Engaging in community life
  • Support in managing your personal budgets/direct payment schemes
Supported living for disabled adults